Šolski center Rogaška Slatina:

  • student-friendly school
  • dynamic school with a positive atmosphere
  • school for everyone

 General information:


Šolski center Rogaška Slatina

Steklarska ulica 1

3250 Rogaška Slatina



Mrs Dubravka Berc Prah

00386 3 818 20 85


Website:             https://scrs.si/

Contact: Agata Brantuša – agata.brantusa@scrs.si

School description:

The school centre (Šolski center Rogaška Slatina), which was established as a school for glassmakers in 1947, is located in the beautiful town of Rogaška Slatina, also well-known as a spa. Students, aged 14-15, are offered three educational programmes after they have finished the 9-year primary school:

  • grammar school
  • programme for optician technicians
  • programme for glass technicians

All three programmes take four years and are completed by the external state examination (matura). There are around 250 students at school and are educated by 40 teachers.

At our school centre we strive to promote and sustain the following values: dynamic and healthy life, tolerance, sense of responsibility, openness and a positive learning atmosphere.

Our strong points are:

  • rich tradition
  • stimulating learning environment
  • high quality education
  • numerous activities: competitions, school projects, excursions, international student exchanges
  • committed, experienced and friendly teachers
  • good results at the external state examination (matura)
  • favourable location
  • the dormitory with 82 beds